GitLab Maintenance 17.08.2022

Maintenance for our GitLab is scheduled for August 17, 2022. GitLab will be partially unavailable during that day and should not be used, as there is a risk of data loss in case of a rollback.

This thread will be updated as soon as the maintenance is done.

Edit 11:00: Maintenance for gitlab has started.
Edit 19:00: Maintenance for gitlab successfully finished.
Edit 19:30: All shared GitLab Runners have been updated.
Edit 22:45: Fixed login problem

Will this be from August 17 00:00 until 24:00 or is the maintenance window shorter than that?

Hi Pascal,
The effective maintenance window should be much shorter. Do you need the GitLab to be available that day for a specific time period or were you just curious?

Just curious so I can plan my day a little bit better ;-)

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According to the info banner, gitlab maintenance is completed. Unfortunately I am not able to login through the web interface and make any remote git commands (e.g. pull) using ssh. On the web interface a "Could not authenticate you from Ldapmain because “Getaddrinfo: temporary failure in name resolution” alert is shown. Using git following is printed to the console:
remote: ========================================================================
remote: 500 Internal Server Error
remote: ========================================================================
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

Is this issue related to the maintenance?

Hi Stephan,
Thanks for your message, I’m going to investigate the issue. We included an OS release upgrade in our maintenance window and there may be an unexpected change in DNS resolution behaviour.

The login is working again!

The server was still using ifupdown for its network configuration (including DNS) and had to be migrated to netplan.
It appears that the issue slipped past our testing because the server was using cached DNS records for some time.

Cyrill, thank you for immediate investigating and resolution!